Since January 2020, La Sentinelle have gone through a total renovation. We´re not quite there yet, but will surely be ready to welcome our first guests from the 20th of July 2020. Also therefore, we are not yet able to show you photos of the interior of the house, but as soon as rooms are being decorated and finished, it will be available here on the site. It´s been a long, but also a very exciting, process to follow the transformation of this beautiful house. We are already very proud of the result so far, and we are indeed looking forward to show it to everyone, who chooses to make their way past La Sentinelle.

Until then, you can already now start to explore the region of Dracenie, the region where Les Arcs sur Argens is located. It offers a wide range of activities and interesting places to discover. What about f. ex., biking through the vineyards? Or go trekking in the breathtaking nature? Browse through the site below, and get inspired.

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Local markets

* Roquebrune sur Argens, Place San Père, Provencal market

* Lorgues, Boulevard Clemenceau, Provencal market
* Villecroze, Place du Marché, Brocante

* Draguignan, Place du Marché, Provencal market
* Sainte-Maxime, Promenade Simon Lorière, Brocante

* Les Arcs sur Argens, Place de Gaulle, Provencal market

* Trans-en-Provence, Place de Hôtel de Ville, Provencal market

* Les Arcs sur Argens, Oratoire des deux Cyprès, Fleamarket/Brocante

* Le Muy, Allées Victor Hugo, Provencal market
* Le Luc, Parking Leclerc, Fleamarket/Brocante
* Grimaud, Chemin de Bagatin, Brocante